What does a postpartum doula do?

As your postpartum doula, I’ll visit your home in the weeks (and even months) following the birth of your new baby. I’m there to do all the things to make your life easier! I’ll make you nutritious meals that aid in postpartum recovery. I’ll do some light household chores that you won’t have time or energy for. I’ll answer your questions about feeding and sleeping, infant development, parenting, and how not to hate each other after having a baby. I’ll care for your baby while you take a hot bath and a nap, and I’ll listen to your frustrations, happy, proud moments and fears in a very understanding and non-judgmental way.

Who needs a postpartum doula?

Every family welcoming a new baby can benefit profoundly from the support of a postpartum doula! No matter if it is one newborn, multiples or an adopted child.

I have family and friends coming to help. Do I still need a postpartum doula?

Yes! While help from loving family and friends is wonderful, a postpartum doula supports you consistently, with compassion, and without judgement or strings attached. Let’s face it - family can be complicated. If you feel super confident about the help you’ll receive from family and friends when your baby is born, you may choose to start your doula support when your baby is a few weeks old.

When should I hire a postpartum doula?

Ideally, you’ll hire your doula before your baby arrives, so you have postpartum support in place for those early days and weeks. However, if your baby has already arrived, it is never too late to ask for help!

What does the schedule of postpartum care look like?

I’m flexible and can design a support schedule to meet your needs. Daytime care consists of (usually) 4-hour visits during waking hours, and you choose how many visits you would like per week. Some choose to cluster visits in the early weeks postpartum (2-5/week), while others choose just one visit a week for a longer period of time. Overnight care may be available upon request.

How long does “postpartum” care last?

Typically, I recommend consistent support during the first six weeks postpartum. However, many clients choose to continue support at least once a week for the first few months of their baby’s life. Extended care is especially helpful for twins and multiples.

This feels like such a luxury! Shouldn’t I be able to handle this all myself?

The answer is NO. This is not a luxury. You are not meant to do this alone. In other cultures it is common practice to support a new mom in every way possible. She is highly cared for, so she can solely feed and love her new baby. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where asking for help is often seen as sign of weakness. A picture of the perfect mom that “does it all” and smiles while doing it, is idealized and therefore often faked. I believe these false ideals put on way too much pressure and need to change. The best thing you can do for your own long-term wellness (and subsequently the wellness of your baby and your family), is to care for yourself. This means learning to ask for the help you need, and learning to accept help graciously and without guilt. You deserve to thrive! (Remember: Put your own oxygen mask on, before you help others).

How can I gift someone postpartum doula services?

Absolutely! It makes the perfect baby shower gift. (Seriously, who needs 20 swaddle blankets anyway?) Gift cards can be purchased when you email me directly at urbandouladenver@hotmail.com.

Trust me, nothing compares to the gift of loving support.