Daytime rate: $35/hr (3 hr shift minimum)

During the time, I will focus on the following:

  • Focusing on your recovery from birthing your baby

  • Healthy, nourishing meal and snack preparation

  • Caring for older siblings and help the rest of the family to adjust

  • Focusing on your baby’s adjustment to living outside of your body and bonding

  • Supporting you and your partner while teaching you to care for your baby; bathing, feeding, diapering, sleeping, baby wearing, nail trimming, nursery organizing, etc

  • Trouble shooting breastfeeding issues while supporting and affirming all of your feeding choices

  • Recognizing the early signs and symptoms of postpartum mood disorders and postpartum depression

  • Light housekeeping; dishes, laundry, day to day maintenance

  • Escorting you on outings with your newborn (doctor visits, grocery shopping, etc)

  • Helping adjust to a (sometimes very sudden) adoption

  • Giving referrals for other local experts (e.g. pediatricians, lactation consultants, etc.)

  • Run important errands

  • So much more…

    I will work with all families, now matter what your ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability, or age is.